King Landyn & Queen Shea | Methuen, MA


Meet Landyn

Landyn Chappie is an adorable 4-year-old who loves to spend hours playing with his whale figurines and race cars. He also has Autism. He is one of seven children, and is Twin B out of two sets of 'Irish twins'. Having a large family creates a challenged environment with many opportunities for triggers. Landyn rarely sleeps or eats, and requires constant supervision. He often attempts to escape outside to play, and becomes agitated when he cannot.

He is very sensitive to loud noises, whether they are happy, scary, or unexpected. He experiences very agitated responses to these triggers. He will push, hit, or kick to make whatever is bothering him stop. A lot of these responses are acted out towards his younger sister, Shea, who also has Autism. 

On June 4th, 2016 a group of 22 volunteers completed the Safe Space, as well as a surprise re-design of Shea's bedroom which she shares with her two sisters! The additional room design was made possible by Twin Coast Enterprises and their Wendy's franchises for supporting our fundraising effort!

"Before" Picture

"Before" Picture


Volunteer Build Day!


Safe Space Reveal



Meet Shea

Shea is a care-free three-year-old who loves to sing and dance. Simple things like bubbles, Disney princesses, and the song "Let it Go" bring out her adorable and dimpled smile.

Shea has social issues and tends to isolate herself from others. She will not participate in group activities, and prefers independent tasks or watching other children play from a far.

Shea can experience out bursts when things do not go her way. She is also the main recipient of Landyn's out bursts. 

Shea shares her room with her twin sister, and Landyn's twin. All three girls received a surprise Princess room!


"Before" Picture

"Before" Picture


Sponsors Who Made It Possible

Ramsden Painting
Donated time painting Safe Space

Benjamin Moore
Donated paint for both spaces

Wilson Graphics
Donated six whale porthole decals

Lola Decor
Donated three personalized princess wall decals

Susannah Elizabeth
Donated five handmade whale pillows

Sew Be It Ladies
Discounted Frozen-themed weighted blanket

Warm Grey Company
Donated handmade sperm whale pillow

Heavenly Donuts in Methuen
Donated donuts, pastries, and coffee for volunteers

Bada Bings Pizza and Wings
Donated pizza for volunteers

A2Z Emblems
Donated volunteer t-shirts

TurnOne Graphics
Donated time printing racetrack vinyl

Twin Coast Enterprises & their Wendy's franchises
Promoted fundraising raffle at their Wendy's locations and raised $10k for this project! This extremely successful fundraising event allowed us to design an additional room for this family. 

Circle G LLC
Donated time constructing tables, TV recess, exterior doors and paving walkway for family

DCIE Electric (603) 888-8300
Donated time and permit costs for wiring lights and outlets

Fun and Function
donated and discounted therapeutic items including trampoline and Cozy Canoe

Lowe's Salem NH
Donated carpet

Sassy Senses
Donated handmade whale weighted blanket

Little Senses
Donated Ocean Discovery sensory bin items

CoCo Keys Water Resort in Danvers
Donated seven passes to family

Launch Trampoline
Donated passes to family

Kings Bowl in Lynnfield
Donated bowling and pizzas to family